Law Enforcement Systems


INDAGOSYS LE specialized pop up targets for Law Enforcement is created as a modular solution. The solution comes in light version with 2-5 units with a robust hand radio control to the more advanced systems of 8-24 units with touch screen radio control. 

Each unit can be individually controlled by RF. If needed 2 units can be parallell driven for larger targets. The light weight material used makes the units possible to mount in any direction on ground, walls or ceiling. Targets are made from corrugated plastic material and have a long life in all weather conditions. Targets are specificly developed for FX or UTM.

Materials range from ABS to Carbon and many different patterns and camo is available upon order. 

All electronics are standard in IP67, but also available in IP69K for special purpose use in coastal training enviroments.

Network properties - Mesh and BLE

In order to have a complete coverage of complex enviroment we use a mesh network control system. This means that in combination with the radiocontrol for the system, each unit has a receiver and a transmitter that allows for the entire network to have as good range as possible. The signal can also be tested easily when setting up the target system. 

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A solution with BLE Beacons are under development in order to make the training app more reactive for the user. The Beacons allows for easy setup and the event triggering the targets is actually the triangulation of the bluetooth signals that determines the participantds movement and creates a training situation far more advanced than the one that is controlled by a third part with a remote control.

INDAGOSYS - Compare and measure performance

In the next generation systems it is possible to measure and compare performance from team exercise participants.  It is normal that participants in a team exercise reads and reacts to situations based in their own senses. One of the major benefits is that it is possible to log information and compare the individual performances. In the evaluation of the exercise you, as a team leader, or leader of the exercise can easily spot unexpected or unwanted reactions. This is the foundation for planning new exercises for continuous improvement. 

Law Enforcement - Specific training - Airports

The leader of the exercise plans the exercise in such way that the participants have a clear objective and is well informed of both the situation and the location..
In this case we use an airport terminal area as an example.

- Outer terminal areas
- Parking areas
- Transfer areas
- High density areas

Law Enforcement - Specific training - Contol stations

In toll stations and border control there might be a need for specific training

- High volume areas
- Open spaces

Law Enforcement - Specific training - Arena

In places like arenas for concerts and sports events, or shopping malls, htere might be a specific need to plan and train for how to make sure that the area is secure. 

- Large open areas indoor
- Each event is unique
- Versatile arenas for multi purpose
- Good training possibilities as arena is often unbooked.

Law Enforcement - Specific training - Harbour

Harbour areas drills are unique for costal areas. 
- Large open spaces
- Tall buildings and high objects
- Container areas
- Train tracks and cranes
- 24 hour service areas

Law Enforcement - Specific training - Train Station

Travel center or train stations are often highly populated and open 24/7. There might be a specific need to have a training exercise for the local law enforcement. 

- Terminal building
- Transfer area
- Tracks and railway yard
- Platforms

RL- Radio control touch screen

The most advanced systems are controlled by a touch screen with integrated 433Mhz RF Control that communicates with the units on your commands. 

The touch screen is programmable to your needs and we can also, in the next generations equip the targets with UHF RFID that through a RFID reader in the unit communicates to the control and shows the exact target that is going to be on display in the exercise. 

The touch screen can be fitted with standard mounts for better ergonomics and external batterypack. The touch screen has a micro USB for power supply. 

Handheld control of 5 units

A robust hand control unit for Radio communication with up to 5 units is available. The hand control has internal battery and is charged via Micro USB-Port.

In case of specific needs it is also possible to program the remote control have a customized look for the print. 

We use advanced Radio Logic system designed in Lysekil Sweden

Protective cases

Logistic solutions on the field is just as vital as all the other parts of the system.

For the larger systems we use the Pelicase cases where 8 units, and remote controls are fitted into the watertight case. For easy transportation the cases are stackable and have flight mounts as standard option.

For the smaller systems it is possible to use a case where the units are packaged 2 units in each case with controls.

Airport terminal area

Border control or toll stations

Arena or shopping areas

Harbour area

Train Station

For larger systems of 8 units per case we use the Pelicase:

For systems of 2 units we use the Heavy case: