Distribution Network

Distribution network - Local market adaptation

INDAGOSYS training systems for Law Enforcement and Defence are advanced systems and fit for multiple markets. We are currently focusing on building a distribution network. Our focus is to develop, manufacture and support our distribution network to supply our training systems on the local market. 

The background for our strategy is that INDAGOSYS is a modular system where the customer can choose a starterpack that later can be upgraded to an advanced system. This is where we know that local presence to grow your business and active support to the customer is essential. 

Build your case 

One part of the best things about INDAGOSYS is its ability to expand to fit the customers needs. 

The first system that a customer will invest in is a rather small one with 2-5 units and a control. Depending on the use for the system, targets are ordered and stocked for multiple training use. After initial tests and evaluations it is highly likely that the customer upgrades the systems to a more advanced with more units and advanced control possibilities. 

This is where you as a distributor plays an important roll to support & evolve with the customer. One of the most important things is the constant need for new supplies in form av specific targets. 

Request for information

For our distribution network we need to make sure that we are the right partner for you and therefor needs to be able to understand your position on the market as a potential distributor. Please send your contact information and include company presentation to  and we will contact you for further discussion.