Defence Systems

INDAGOSYS - Defence target training systems 

The INDAGOSYS DS offers a versatile training system in multiples of 8 from 8 to 256 units in one system. Radio controlled 433 MHz touch screen based solution where the instructor can pre-program scenarios, control groups or individual units as the exercise progresses. Customer specific development projects are available.

The system is very quick to setup and with a low weight design it is easy for 1 person to carry up to 8 units and place on location for fast setup. 

In special cases we have IP69K available for naval exercises where the unit is under risk of being submerged in the water’s edge. 

High end solutions at a low investment and low total cost of ownership.

Customized solutions available from start to suit your environmental needs.

Mimic your enviroment

Light weight and Easy set up

INDAGOSYS - Touch Screen control system

The most advanced systems are controlled by a touch screen with integrated 433Mhz RF Control that communicates with the units on your commands. 

The touch screen is programmable to your needs and we can also, in the next generations equip the targets with UHF RFID that through a RFID reader in the unit communicates to the control and shows the exact target that is going to be on display in the exercise. 

The touch screen can be fitted with standard mounts for better ergonomics and external batterypack. The touch screen has a micro USB for power supply. 

It is possible to add option of integrated infrared camera for long range training where the latest hit is shown on the touch screen panel. This allows for very advanced pop up target system traning.

INDAGOSYS - 433 Mhz Screen control system

Multiple camo patterns for your training enviroment